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Authentic Southern Italian Cuisine
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Festina Lente: Making Haste Slowly

December 7, 2011 Carlino's Restaurant one comment

Augustus Caesar and the Medici family, although separated by over a millennium, embraced the same motto: “Festina lente.” The phrase means “more haste, less speed” or as it’s commonly said today, “make haste slowly.” It’s no coincidence that this phrase belongs to the Italians, because they continue to make it their motto — especially in the kitchen.

Carlino's Tomato SauceA tomato sauce is an excellent example of the principle of making haste slowly. Undercooking the sauce leaves it watery and raw-tasting, while overcooking it robs the tomatoes of their bright, fresh flavor. Adding basil, oregano and garlic too hastily turns the herbs bitter, but waiting too late to add them will prevent their flavors from melding with the sauce. A great tomato sauce must simmer for hours as a watchful chef blends herbs and spices into it at just the right time.

Finding those hours in the middle of a busy day isn’t always possible for home cooks. “Festina lente” might have worked for a Roman emperor, but Augustus didn’t work a nine-to-five job or do his own cooking. Carlino’s chefs take the time to produce rich tomato sauce that satisfies your taste for authentic Italian food without costing you hours.

Enjoy a leisurely dinner of chicken Parmigiana or spaghetti and meatballs in a slow-simmered marinara sauce served promptly by our friendly staff and you’ll understand the concept of “festina lente” perfectly.


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