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Authentic Southern Italian Cuisine
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Interview with Carlo Corteo, Co-Owner of Carlino’s Restaurant

June 14, 2011 Carlino's Restaurant no comments

June 14th, 2011, at Carlino’s Restaurant, Mineola, NY

Hello Carlo.  Where’s your family from?

Carlo: My family’s originally from Naples. It’s one of the oldest cities and its port is #2 in the world for passenger flow. Naples has profoundly influenced the culture of Europe and is best known for its food, people, history, natural beauty and art. Naples invented pizza, the romantic guitar, and the mandolin and has made strong contributions to opera and folk standards.

Are you a natural born cook?

Carlo: No one is born “knowing how to cook.” Experience is the best teacher and my mom instilled a love for cooking by making the kitchen the heart of the home.

Do you make mistakes?

Carlo: The person who’s never made a mistake never made anything. At Carlino’s we won’t serve anything to our customers unless it’s absolutely perfect.  Right now, I’m working to recreate a dish that mom used to make. I’ve tried to make it many times, but I won’t offer it at Carlino’s until I feel mom would have been satisfied.

How did you learn how to cook?

Carlo: There are many ways to acquire good cooking skills and to grow into a great cook. I’ve learned the most by tasting and watching mom cook the family dinner with love and devotion.

Why is it so hard to find authentic southern Italian cooking today?

Carlo: It saddens me that real southern Italian cooking is becoming a lost art, and I encourage everyone to embrace the children in your life and share this gift with them.

What are you most proud of?

Carlo: My four children.

About Carlino’s Restaurant

Carlino’s Restaurant in Mineola is Long Island’s # 1 southern Italian family restaurant and your best value for delicious, authentic Italian food in our intimate dining rooms. Our pasta & meat dishes contain the freshest ingredients. We’re open 10 – 9PM Monday – Thursday, and 10AM – 11PM Friday – Sunday. There’s plenty of parking.

Carlino’s Restaurant
204 Jericho Turnpike
Mineola, NY 11501-1701
(516) 747-6616 ‎

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