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Authentic Southern Italian Cuisine
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Tender, Tasty Veal Is The Smart Nutrition Choice

January 1, 2012 Carlino's Restaurant no comments

Carlino’s Customer Favorite Dish?

The results of our recent Carlino’s customer poll showed a strong preference for veal over every other Italian dish (see graph below).

If you were hungry for a dish leaner than beef and more tender than chicken, you’d be smart to pick veal.

Lower in fat and calories than beef, veal still contains plenty of flavor. With a taste and texture more delicate than beef, it goes beautifully with classic Italian dishes without overwhelming them. Changes in veal production have put this succulent meat back on the table, and justifiably so. Its mild taste and delicate consistency make a veal dish very special.

Because it’s so tender, you might think that veal contained more fat than beef; in actuality, it’s the other way around. Veal has about 20 to 25 percent fewer calories than beef, which puts it on par with lean cuts of pork or chicken. While it has less fat than beef, veal’s still just as rich in protein and iron, making it a better nutritional value per ounce than chicken or beef.

Nutrition’s important, but taste is paramount, and veal wins here as well. Italy’s justly famous for its cheeses, and cheese requires milk. Italian cheesemakers raised plenty of cows to produce all that milk. No Italian chef would dream of eating a dull meal, so the rich supply of butter, cheese and veal inspired culinary creativity, gracing Italy with a rich heritage of delicious veal dishes.

Carlino’s customer favorite veal marsala with its luscious lemon-butter and wine reduction sauce, and cheesy veal Parmigiana are just two of the classic veal dishes that grew from Italian dairy farmers’ ingenuity. Carlino’s menu highlights these and other traditional veal dishes with top-quality, hormone-free veal that’s so tender, you won’t even need your knife.

What’s Your Favorite Italian Dish?

We asked Carlino’s customers to vote for their favorite Italian dish and results showed their favorite was Veal Marsala, followed closely by Veal Parmagiana.  If there’s something special that you’d like to see added to Carlino’s menu, please email us at


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